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Large Hand Stacked Pallet of Kiln Dried Ash, Equal to 2.5 Ton Bags

Large Hand Stacked Pallet of Kiln Dried Ash, Equal to 2.5 Ton Bags

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Kiln dried Ash is dried to moisture content well below 20%

Large Hand Stacked Pallet of logs is equal to 2.5 ton bags

These Stacked Pallets are larger than our normal sized pallets we sell the birch and alder in

Ash is a hardwood that produces a clean, long lasting and bright burn with a very high heat output. Ash is one of the best woods to burn as it last for a very long time once added to an established fire. 

The popular stacked pallet is a convenient choice as they are ready stored and can be placed straight into a garage or another location to be used as your log store, it just needs covering with a sheet if being kept outside. The pallet itself is also made from kiln dried birch so can also be chopped a burnt when empty. 

Surface must be level and smooth for the pallet truck, no grass, gravel or loose surfaces. Also no steep slopes. Access must be a minimum of 120cm for the pallet. 


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Customer Reviews

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Roy Band
Great Buy

Really good value for money, convenient packaging, beautifully dry. Burns a treat

Jan Bascom
Kiln Dried Logs

Brilliant service, went over expectations, so nice these days to get such service
Oh and the logs are great too! Good burn time compared with lots of other logs used

Barry smiith
Kiln dry logs

Excellent always fantastic quality thanks.