Burning Information

2021 wood burning directive.

Under the new directive it is illegal to burn wood over 20% moisture content, known as unseasoned or fresh wood.

You can still buy unseasoned wood to store and dry yourself, but this must be in minimum quantities of 2m3.

There is no general ban on burning wood, burning dry wood is good for the environment, it is a carbon neutral fuel.

The growing tree absorbs more Co2 than the wood releases when it is burnt.


Why should I burn logs?

Burning logs is much more environmentally friendly than burning other fossil fuels such as coal, oil or gas. Burning logs releases CO2 into the atmosphere.  But providing a tree is planted to replace each tree burnt, the tree will absorb the same amount of CO2 as it grows, so the net release of CO2 into the atmosphere will be zero.

Burning logs or other wood products is thus said to be a carbon neutral process.


Which are better for burning – Softwood or Hardwood Logs?

It depends on the exact species of wood you are comparing but, generally speaking, hardwood logs tend to be much denser than softwood logs and therefore they burner hotter.

Hardwood logs will generally be heavier and produce more energy than softwood. Therefore you need fewer hardwood logs to produce the same heat output and because they take longer to burn, the refuelling intervals are longer as well.

Softwood logs are easier to light and are great when you want a fire with lower heat output, like autumn and spring.



Our wood comes from tree work operations, so is a variety of species such as Oak, Ash, Beech, Sycamore, Maple, Cypress, Pine, Cherry, Birch, Alder etc..

Having such a wide range of species in the firewood mix means that you get a good range of different burning woods, for example, a piece of Sycamore or Pine will light easily and burn at a good speed, ideal for getting the fire up to temperature to ensure a good bed of embers. Whereas Oak and Beech are much denser woods, burning for a longer period as they have more wood to burn.

We are more than happy to cater to customers requirements and ensure you get what you want. We will happily provide unseasoned wood at a discounted rate for you to cut and split or store and dry yourself.

For further help, please get in touch.


We sell our logs by volume, not weight as moisture content and type of wood will influence the weight.